Mock Trials

Mock Trials

Share the excitement and unparalleled learning experience of mock trials. These how-to guides, for Kindergarten through Grade 6, give you everything you need to put on a successful mock trial including: information on types of mock trials, tips on preparing and conducting the trial, simplified steps and rules in a trial, scripts, and even guidelines on mock trial competitions. We have a great selection available for purchase in the ABA Store.

Item Number          Title

3170111 - Mock Trial: Claude V. The Beast

3170112 - Mock Trial: Wicked Witch V. Snow White

3170116 - Mock Trial: The Three Bears V. Goldilocks

3170117 - Mock Trial: The Big Bad Wolf V. The Three Little Pigs

3170118 - Mock Trial: Midland V. Pence

3170119 - Mock Trial: Murphy V. National Sheet Metal

3170120 - Mock Trial: Hudson V. The Washington Post

3170121 - Mock Trial: Andrews V. Springville School System

3170141 - Mock Trial: State V. Delphinia Rose Sweetpea

3170142 - Mock Trial: State V. Richard Fox

3170143 - Mock Trial: Rumpelstiltskin V. Queen Malory

3170144 - Mock Trial: Humpty Dumpty V. Sherman King

3170145 - Mock Trial: Village Of Sheepfold V. Joey Wolfcryer

3170146 - Mock Trial: People V. Kelmar

3170147 - Mock Trial: People V. Whitman

3170148 - Mock Trial: People V. Bell

3170149 - Mock Trial: People V. Stover

3170150 - Mock Trial: People V. Mitchell

3170159 - Mock Trial: People V. Caufield

3170160 - Mock Trial: State V. Jack Robinson

3170161 - Mock Trial: State Of Italia V. Geppetto

3170162 - Mock Trial: Cinderella V. Estate Of Padre Mia Tremaine

3170163 - Mock Trial: United States V. Bunyan

3170164 - Mock Trial: Emperor V. Swin And Del

3170171 - Mock Trial: Kyle Wilkins V. New Columbia Country School District

3170172 - Mock Trial: Karmia Kahn V. Keith Kahn

3170173 - Mock Trial: Scott Walker V. Tanya Brewster

3170175 - Mock Trial: Sandra W. V. Gregg M.

3170176 - Mock Trial: Elyse Roberts V. The District Of Columbia

3170193 - Mock Trial: Ricki Jones V. Metro City

3170215 - Mock Trial: People V. Clevenger

3170219 - Mock Trial: People V. Donovan

3170220 - Mock Trial: State Of Columbia V. Chris Archer

3170268 - Mock Trial: People V. Rose

3170273 - Mock Trial: Chris M. V. Dr. Terry Preece And Metro City Unified School District

3170306 - Mock Trial: People V. Tanner

3170317 - Mock Trial: Shawn Wright V. Play And Learn Child Care Center

3170345 - Mock Trial: People V. Price

3170356 - Mock Trial: People V. Martin

3170382 - Mock Trial: People V. Andrew Madison

3170395 - Mock Trial: People V. Kendall