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Vol. 21 - Issue2

Law Day 2021: Advancing the Rule of Law Now (Series 2 of 3)

Public Health and the Law

Special spotlight issue exploring public health in the United States assembles resources from across the American Bar Association, and the law-related education community. Law Day 2021 will explore “Advancing the Rule of Law Now,” and public health is just one of the central topics within that theme.

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There Is No Public Health without the Law

Teachers are critical partners in expanding society’s understanding of public health, our system of government, and the law. Public health law offers expansive opportunities for diverse students to have meaningful experiences with each of these topic areas, and many more. Public health law governs the authority of Federal, state, tribal, local, and territorial governments to protect the population’s health in the United States.

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Vaccines, Federal Regulation, and Compensation—and What that Means for COVID-19

Vaccines are an important and essential part of our way out of the pandemic. This article examines COVID-19 vaccines, addressing two separate but related issues. First, the process the vaccines went through, with an emphasis on the legal framework within which they are created, the monitoring apparatus, and the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) process. Second, options for compensation when a vaccine causes harm, and the differences when it comes to Covid-19 vaccines.

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Lesson Plan: The Rule of Law and Public Health: A Socratic Seminar

For this high school Socratic Seminar, students will be asked to examine various readings and videos on public health and the rule of law and then explore the question “What role does the law play in protecting our health?” Encourage students to be prepared, participate actively, use evidence, listen carefully, and ask thoughtful questions of their peers throughout the Seminar.

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