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Vol. 21 - Issue 1

Policing in America

Advancing the Rule of Law Now

Special spotlight issue exploring policing in the United States assembles resources from across the American Bar Association, and the law-related education community. Law Day 2021 will explore “Advancing the Rule of Law Now,” and policing is just one of the central topics within that theme.

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Qualified Immunity: An Unlawful Shield for Police Misconduct

Police officers rarely face meaningful consequences for their misconduct, and the public’s accurate perception of this fact has contributed to what can best be described as a crisis of confidence in our nation’s law enforcement.

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Police and Citizen Oversight: Conversation with Susan Hutson

Susan Hutson is the Independent Police Monitor for the City of New Orleans. She started the job in 2010, as the New Orleans police department was undergoing reforms. In the interview, she discusses police oversight, the role of citizens in oversight, and the calls for reform that have emerged recently across the country.

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Lesson Plan: Police and the Use of Force

This lesson can serve as an intervention lesson to help students understand issues raised in use-of-force cases that arise in the community or that are publicized in the press and social media.

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Preview of U.S. Supreme Court Cases analysis

Voting-rights organizations and individual voters sued North Carolina, arguing that the state’s map was an impermissible political gerrymander.