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June 23, 2020

How to Apply

Interested in Applying? Please note that in order to complete your application, you will need to upload:

  • A resume/CV
  • A letter of support from you principal or department head
  • Responses to the following prompts (each individual response should be no more than 300 words):
  1. What are your greatest challenges as an educator in today's, political, economic, and social environment? How have you addressed these challenges in your classroom?
  2. Describe an educational/professional development experience that has had a significant impact on your teaching practice?
  3. Based on the description of the ABA/FJC Summer Teachers Institute, how will you incorporate the experience into your own work in your classroom, school, or district?

This year’s application is closed. 



  1. Are there program costs associated with the Institute?  If so, what are they?
    1. There should be minimal cost to the teachers attending the institute. Lodging is arranged by the Institute and reasonable travel fees will be reimbursed. Most of the meals are provided as part of the institute and those that are not are reimbursable at the federal per diem rates.
  2. Where do teachers stay?
    1. Lodging is arranged by Institute staff at a local hotel. A single reservation will be made for each teacher.
  3. What are the evaluation criteria for the applications?  Specifically, is there a target group of teachers for this program
    1. Attendees are selected by our reviewing committee. The selected cohort reflects varied teaching environments, geographical locations, and years teaching. The committee also looks to find teachers who can incorporate the curriculum content and experiences explored during the institute into their classrooms and school.
  4. Is there a final/culminating project required of participants?
    1. The teachers will work in small teams throughout the week on culminating curriculum projects. Each year, the culminating curriculum project is presented on the final day of the institute. Guidelines will be provided during the opening session. 
  5. Is there a dress code?
    1. Given that our Institute will be held in a professional building, we request that you adhere to a dress requirement. For our conference dinner and visits to the Federal Courts, you will need professional business attire. Jackets and ties, dresses, and pant or skirt suits are appropriate. We ask that you not wear jeans or flip flops in any case.

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Additional questions?

For further information about the Summer Institute for Teachers, please contact Catherine Hawke