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March 16, 2022

2022 Award Finalists


Believing: Our Thirty-Year Journey to End Gender Violence
Viking Books
Anita Hill, author

Better, Not Bitter: Living in the Pursuit of Racial Justice
Grand Central Publishing
Yusef Salaam, author

Citadels of Pride
W.W. Norton & Company
Martha C. Nussbaum, author

Kris Maher, author

The Accidental History of the U.S. Immigration Courts: War, Fear, and the Roots of Dysfunction
University of California Press
Alison Peck, author

The Behavioral Code: The Hidden Ways the Law Makes Us Better or Worse
Beacon Press
Benjamin van Rooij and Adam Fine, authors


“Punitive Excess”
Brennan Center for Justice
Lauren-Brooke Eisen, director, justice program
Daniel Okrent, senior fellow


“A Crime on the Bayou”
Augusta Films LLC
Nancy Buirski, director/producer
Claire Chandler and Susan Margolin, producers
Anthony Ripoli, editor

“Amend: The Fight for America”
Netflix/Westbrook Studios/The Documentary Group/Wilmore Films/Make Make
Robe Imbriano, co-creator/executive producer/story by
Tom Yellin, co-creator/executive producer
Will Smith, host/executive producer
Terrence Carter and Jana Babatunde-Bay, Jamal Watson, Angus Wall, Jamila Farwell, Adam Del Deo, executive producers

“My Name is Pauli Murray”
Betty West and Julie Cohen, directors
Talleah Bridges McMahon, producer
Claudia Raschke, DP
Cinque Northern, editor

“The People v. The Klan”
CNN/Blumhouse Television
Donnie Eichar, director/executive producer
Cornell William Brooks, Jason Blum, Jeremy Gold, Mary Lisio, Amy Entelis, Lyle Gamm, executive producers


The Sporting House Killing
Gerald Powell, author/publisher


“Black Legal History in Oklahoma: May 2021 Oklahoma Bar Journal”
Oklahoma Bar Association/Oklahoma Bar Journal
John Morris Williams, executive director/editor in chief
Lori Rasmussen, communications director
Melissa DeLacerda, chairperson
Lauren Rimmer, communications specialist
Carol Manning, communications director

“Legal Roadblocks to Police Accountability”
Gateway Journalism Review/Pulitzer Center
William Freivogel, publisher/grantee
Kallie Cox and Orli Sheffey, reporters
Steve Edwards, illustrator
Abbey La Tour, design chief/photographer
Jackie Spinner, editor


“Incarceration Transparency”
Loyola University New Orleans, College of Law/ Technology and Legal Innovation Clinic at Loyola Law School
Andrea Armstrong and Judson Mitchell, professors

“Mental Competency Consequences: The Hidden and Unreliable Data Texas Tracks... or Doesn't”
Josh Hinkle, director of investigations & innovation
David Barer, senior investigative producer
Ben Friberg, investigative reporter
Eric Henrikson, creative producer
Rachel Gale, graphic artist
Robert Sims, digital specialist projects developer
Kate Winkle, digital director

Tamara Shogaolu, creative director


“Hidden Interests”
The Wall Street Journal
Michael Siconolfi, investigations editor
James Grimaldi, investigative reporter
Coulter Jones and Joe Palazzolo, reporters

Robert Lewis, reporter
Marji Lundstrom, deputy editor
Jeremia Kimelman, data producer
Joel Sappell, contributing editor

“The Real Damage”
The Washington Post
Hannah Dreier, national enterprise reporter
Andrew Ba Tran, investigative data reporter

“Unsettled: Cashing in on Accident Victims”
Star Tribune
Jeffrey Meitrodt, investigative reporter
Nicole Norfleet and Adam Belz, reporters
Jeff wheeler, photojournalist
CJ Sinner, director of graphics & data visuals
Thomas Oide, digital designer

 “Waiting for Justice”
Robert Lewis, reporter
Marla Cone, deputy editor
Jeremia Kimelman, data reporter


“Civics 101: Supreme Court Series”
Civics 101
Nick Capodice, host
Hannah McCarthy, host/producer
Jacqui Fulton, producer
Erika Janik, executive producer

“On Our Watch”
National Public Radio/KQED
Liana Simstrom, supervising producer/project manager
Sukey Lewis, host/reporter
Sandhya Dirks, producer/reporter
Nicole Beemsterboer, Alex Emslie and Leila Day, editors
Huo Jingnan, data editor
Adelina Lancianese, producer
Nina Sparling and Cynthia Betubiza, assistant producers

“The Trials of Frank Carson”
Los Angeles Times
Christopher Goffard, staff writer
Steve Clow, deputy metro editor
Abbie Fentress Swanson and Ben Adair, executive producers
Alex McInnis, composer/sound designer


“48 Hours “A Promise to Ahmaud”
48 Hours
Omar Villafranca, correspondent

“60 Minutes: Attack on the Judiciary”
CBS News 60 Minutes
Bill Owens, executive producer
Tanya Simon, executive editor
Bill Whitaker, correspondent
Heather Abbott, producer
LaCrai Mitchell, associate producer
Craig Crawford, editor

“Crisis in Corrections”
WFTS/ABC Action News
Adam Walser and Kyle McGiven, investigative reporters
Melanie Payne, executive producer
Matt McGlashen, photographer/editor

“Probate Problems: Reforming Michigan's Guardianship Laws”
Heather Catallo, investigative reporter
Kimberly Craig, reporter
Johnny Sartin, Jr. and John Ciolino videographers
Randy Lundquist, video editor