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November 28, 2021


What is NCLA?

The NCLA provides a select group of students from diverse communities with an opportunity to spend four days focused on understanding the relationship that law, policies, people, and institutions have in shaping public policy in our country.

If you would like to learn more about the Academy and get a glimpse of what students experience, watch the video.

What do students gain from attending the academy?

  • Access to leaders in law and government in Washington, D.C. in a small group setting.
  • Opportunities to participate in public policy discussions through seminars and workshops.
  • Knowledge of the pathways available to pursue a legal education and law-related career.
  • Interaction with peers from throughout the country.

What about safety and security?

Instructors spend each day with students, while night monitors and an instructor-in-residence are stationed at night in the hotel. All instructors and night monitors have had background checks and are trained in CPR/First Aid.

What to wear?

The temperature in Washington, DC, can vary in the spring time. Since you will be in and out of air-conditioned buildings, consider bringing layers of clothes so you can be comfortable inside and out. Please bring comfortable clothes for most days and remember to wear comfortable shoes regardless of attire. For our visits to Capitol Hill and seminars with government, business and nonprofit leaders, we ask that you bring two nice outfits (shirt and tie and nice slacks for boys; dress, skirt or nice slacks for girls).

To check the current weather conditions in Washington, visit a few days before the trip begins.

What to bring?

Close Up is not responsible for lost items. So, we recommend you bring only what you really need and leave the extras at home. You do not need a laptop computer for the trip. Cell phones are allowed and recommended, but must be turned off or silenced during seminars and group activities. Other electronic devices (iPods, etc.) should be turned off or silenced during seminars and group activities.

What if a student gets sick on the program?

Close Up partners with several leading health care providers, including Georgetown University Children’s Medical Center (GUCMC) to ensure that students have access to quality health care should they get sick while on the program. 911 emergency service is available around the clock—from when the program starts until it ends. All program activities and the hotel where program participants stay are close to several excellent hospitals. For a non-911 situation, typically we will contact a triage nurse or on call doctor at GUCMC to determine the recom-mended course of action.

Does Close Up staff recieve any medical training?

Yes. Our program staff is trained in CPR, AED and First Aid.

Do I need to bring any paperwork with me to D.C.?

Yes. You must bring to Washington: 1) a completed Medical Questionnaire Form, 2) a signed Consent for Treatment Form, and 3) your Health Insurance card or a copy of the front and back. Also, please remember that if you are 18 or older, you will need a government-issued ID to fly.

Should I bring my own prescription medicine?

Yes. You need to bring an adequate supply of medication and will self-medicate while on the program. You need to notify us in advance of all medication that needs to be refrigerated.

Should I bring my own over-the-counter medicine?

Yes. You need to bring an adequate supply of medication and will self-medicate while on the program. We are not able to provide participants with medications.

Will Close Up's secondary insurance cover medical bills?

You can apply for reimbursement through Close Up’s secondary insurance after using any travel insurance benefit and your primary insurance. Just like many other insurance policies, our secondary insurance has a $100 deductible for which participants are liable if they use this insurance while on the program.

Will my child/student have to pay a co-pay for visits?

The amount of the co-pay depends on your primary insurance carrier. If your child/student doesn’t have money for the co-pay at time of service, GUCMC will bill the responsible party.

How will a student get to Georgetown University Children's Medical Center?

Our dedicated staff member will accompany any ill student, wait with him or her during their appointment and return with him or her back to the hotel.

Will there be anyone in the hotel if a student is ill?

Yes. We have dedicated staff members to stay with any students that are not able to participate on program activities due to illness.

Medical Direction is under Dr. David B. Nelson, Chairman, Department of Pediatrics, Georgetown University Hospital.