January 29, 2020


2020 NLRE at NCSS: Frequently Asked Questions

Q:        What is NCSS and the NCSS annual conference?

A:        The National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) is the largest professional organization for social studies educators in the United States. Its annual conference is the largest in its field, with an attendance of approximately 4,000 social studies educators from the United States and around the world. NCSS was established in 1921, and the 2020 conference marks the organization’s centennial meeting. Learn more about NCSS.

Q:        Why is the ABA partnering with NCSS to host the 2020 National Law-Related Education Conference?

A:        The NCSS has a long history of valuing law-related education within the social studies field. Dr. Isidore Starr, the “father of law-related education,” served as president of NCSS during his career. The ABA has a longstanding, valuable relationship with NCSS that includes regular “Lessons on the Law” contributions to the NCSS publication Social Education, and presentation of exhibits and sessions at the NCSS annual conference. The ABA has also been involved with leadership and planning initiatives of NCSS: as elected members of organization committees, partners in grant proposals, and on special NCSS taskforces. A partnership with NCSS streamlines increasingly limited resources.

Q:        What will sessions of the 2020 NLRE Conference look like as part of the NCSS Conference?

A:        2020 NLRE Conference sessions will be integrated into the schedule of sessions at the NCSS meeting and be open to all attendees. They will appear in the NCSS conference program with a special icon identifying them as part of the 2020 National Law-Related Education Conference. For additional convenience, there will be a listing of all 2020 NLRE sessions shared via email in the weeks leading up to the conference, and as a printed handout from the ABA onsite.

            The ABA is developing and organizing a variety of sessions to be scheduled throughout the NCSS conference. These include featured speaker sessions, “vital issues” panel discussions, and an assortment of breakout and poster sessions.

By integrating 2020 NLRE sessions into the NCSS meeting, the ABA and NCSS hope to offer a plethora of program offerings for both longtime and new attendees of NLRE and NCSS.

Q.        Will it cost me more to attend the 2020 NLRE Conference as part of NCSS, and how do I register?

A:        All registrations for the 2020 NLRE Conference must be made through the NCSS conference registration website, and it’s a registration for the NCSS meeting, since the conferences are integrated. There is no additional charge to attend NLRE sessions or NCSS sessions; all sessions at the conference are included in one registration fee.

When the NCSS conference registration opens, the ABA will share the link via email, and link from this site.

Q:        Will presenters for the 2020 NLRE Conference need to register?

A:        If you are selected as a presenter, you will be required to register for the conference by the advance registration deadline of November 27, 2020. 

Q:        How should I prepare sessions materials if I’m a presenter?

A:        As a selected breakout or poster session presenter, you will be responsible for providing any materials for use or distribution in your presentation and the costs of any A/V equipment needed. You will find A/V costs listed on the proposal form during the live submittal process. If your proposal is accepted, NCSS will confirm your audiovisual needs submitted in the proposal form and you will be billed for the options you choose. Please plan to include the costs when planning and submitting your proposal. 

            Breakout rooms at the conference will be set theater style and accommodate approximately 100 participants. Poster sessions should plan for at least 50 conference attendees.

Q:        I submitted a proposal for a breakout or poster session at the 2020 NLRE Conference. How will it be reviewed?

A:        All proposals for breakout and poster sessions must be submitted through the NCSS Call for Proposals by February 10, 2020. There is a check box for “law-related education” as a subject area on the proposal submission form, but it is not required to be selected for proposals submitted to the 2020 NLRE Conference, if another subject area is more appropriate. Anyone may sign up to review proposals (don’t worry, never one’s own, if submitted) via the same link through February 14, 2020, and select “law-related education” as a subject area they wish to review. An entirely blind review of all submitted proposals is conducted online between the end of February and middle of March 2020. A final review of proposals, including considering results of the blind review conducted online, will take place at the end of March, with selections finalized soon thereafter. The ABA, the planning committee for the 2020 NLRE Conference, and NCSS will work together during these steps of the process to ensure all proposals receive thorough reviews. Each proposal submitted to the 2020 NLRE Conference, like the NCSS conference, will be reviewed by at least three people. Everyone is notified of the status of their proposal (acceptance or not) by the end of May 2020.

Q:        Will there be exhibits at the 2020 NLRE Conference?

A:        Yes, a bustling exhibit hall awaits at the 2020 NLRE Conference as part of NCSS. All exhibits will be managed by NCSS. Learn more about exhibiting here.

Q:        Are there conference hotels with special conference room rates?

A:        Yes. NCSS will negotiate reduced room rates with nearby hotels and offer a website with hotel information. Once that site is available, it will be linked here.

Q:        Will there be any 2020 NLRE or law-related education-specific events during the conference?

A:        The ABA will host a reception during the conference, and all longtime and new NLRE Conference attendees will be encouraged to attend. The ABA will also present the Isidore Starr Award for Excellence in Law-Related Education to an outstanding educator during the conference. These events are still in the planning stages but offering a networking and gathering space for law-related educators is a priority and will be part of the 2020 conference. Once plans are finalized, they will be shared.