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For further information about the programs and the grants, please contact Rachel Ellett, manager of research and analytics, ABA Center for Bar Leadership.

Ongoing Program Highlights

What are the Outcomes & Impact Goals for the Grant?

Outcome 1

Expand access for marginalized communities to participate in civic and political life through enhancing capacity for public advocacy, public agenda setting, civic knowledge and expansion of voting rights.

Outcome 2

Enhance collective action of civil society groups by strengthening networks and coalitions for political action on issues of common concern and fostering connection and collaboration across national networks of native affiliate groups on issues related to voting.

Outcome 3

Amplify democracy-strengthening narratives and behaviors by increasing public and legislators understanding of constitution/separation of powers/rights/law. Preventing conflict through modeling civil discourse and conflict resolution through education and community bridge building. Enhance judicial accountability through stronger public engagement in electoral processes.

Outcome 4

Build resilience to information manipulation by providing an accurate understanding of legal/political processes and legislation, accurate and informative data on judicial candidates. And through sharing new insights to help young people understand civic duties, rights and election laws and misinformation.