Message from the ABA President

ABA President Patricia Lee Refo released her 2020 Constitution Day statement, highlighting the importance of voting, the Census, and civic engagement.

United States Federal Courts Constitution Day Web Resource

Many schools are required to teach about the Constitution on Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, which is observed nationally on September 17. In communities across the nation, schools meet this requirement by joining with their federal court in a variety of ways.

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Lesson Plan: What's In A Constitutional Preamble?

For additional handouts and instructions, visit this Insights on Law & Society Learning Gateway to access a comprehensive lesson plan on constitutional preambles, as well as other lesson plans related to constitution-making.

Preambles From Around The World

This handout contains a selection of constitution preambles from different countries. Exploring constitutions from around the world is a great way to teach about constitutions and their role in governance and societies.

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For Judges: A Model Constitution Day Statement

The ABA Division for Public Education encourages judges to open court on September 17, Constitution Day, with a public statement from the bench on the significance of this crucial document. This model statement was developed by Maryland Judiciary Public Awareness Committee for use by the Maryland judiciary. It is readily adaptable to the needs of any state or federal judiciary.