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Voting and Elections

Resources for Educators and Lawyers in the Classroom

Elementary Education

Campaigns and Elections 101 
Using Today on Election Day, by Catherine Stier, students learn about voting, then participate in a mock election activity. 


  • Vote! By Eileen Christelow 
    This book follows the steps involved in electing a public official, with an emphasis placed on the voting process.

Secondary Education

Voter Suppression   
Students analyze a political cartoon about voter ID and voter fraud, consider multiple perspectives on the issue, and form their own opinion about the issue.

Barriers to Voting 
Students will complete a 1964 voter registration form as a starting point for discussion on barriers to voting and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Students will learn about their state’s current voter ID laws and develop arguments for and against the laws. Students will then review a scenario for a state’s new voter ID laws to critically discuss the implications of such a law.

ABA Dialogue on Voting 
The Dialogue on Voting is a facilitation guide for discussion in classroom or other group settings. and This Dialogue on Voting Resource Guide is an educational resource for presenting the 2014 Law Day theme of “American Democracy and the Rule of Law: Why Every Vote Matters.”