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September 03, 2020


Nineteen Ways to Celebrate the Nineteenth Amendment

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There are many ways to honor the legacy of our mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers, along with the men who supported the cause and voted for ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment. Choose these ways to celebrate this 100th anniversary. Come back to download a certificate of completion and don’t forget to post your photos using #19forthe19th!

  1. Register 19 people to vote
  2. Send a copy of the 19th Amendment to 19 people
  3. Ask a teacher to spend 19 minutes on a suffrage issue
  4. Cook 19 recipes from the ABA 19th Amendment Cookbook: 100 Recipes for 100 Years
  5. Spend 19 minutes reflecting on why voting matters
  6. Eat 19 Girl Scout cookies (but not all at once!)
  7. Research 19 barriers to voting—current or historic
  8. Post on social media 19 quotations by influential women
  9. Walk, run, or ride 19 blocks or 19 minutes while thinking about the 19th Amendment
  10. Undertake 19 random acts of kindness
  11. Research voting rights in 19 countries
  12. Follow 19 people on social media who promote equal rights
  13. Ask 19 people what it means to vote
  14. Research 19 challenges for equality
  15. Convene a digital meeting of 19 people to discuss what the 19th Amendment means today
  16. Create an art project celebrating the 19th Amendment or promoting the right to vote
  17. Listen to a podcast or view a program/movie on equal rights and share your impressions with 19 people
  18. Write to 19 women who inspire you
  19. Explore documents from the National Archives or the Library of Congress that document different perspectives on women’s suffrage

The ABA Commission on the 19th Amendment thanks Girl Scouts San Diego for their assistance in compiling this list.

Download Completion Certificate>>