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2021 Law Day Planning Guide

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Lesson Plans

Exploring the Rule of Law

During this lesson, students will explore the rule of law through a jigsaw, with various groups of students tackling different aspects of the concept, including judicial independence, equality under the law, and open laws. Students will be provided with quotes and primary sources to dig into their area and then come back to the rest of the class to teach their peers. Students will gain a fuller understanding of the “the rule of law” is and why it is important for us as a society to uphold it.

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The Rule of Law and Public Health: A Socratic Seminar

For this high school Socratic Seminar, students will be asked to examine various readings and videos on public health and the rule of law and then explore the question “What role does the law play in protecting our health?” Encourage students to be prepared, participate actively, use evidence, listen carefully, and ask thoughtful questions of their peers throughout the Seminar.

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