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Law Day 2019 Planning Guide


The planning guide offers tools to help develop, publicize, and implement a successful event. Resources include: suggested videos, programming ideas, twenty-five important free speech and free press moments in U.S. history, talking points, lesson plans, themed products, and an event checklist.

Lesson Plans

Elementary School

In this lesson, students analyze a photo of Robert Kennedy speaking outside the U.S. Department of Justice on June 14, 1963, and use it to discuss freedom of speech as a constitutional right in the United States, and human right around the world.

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Middle School

This lesson teaches students, through a simulation related to government-sponsored Confederate monuments, about the government-speech doctrine under the First Amendment. In particular, this lesson aims to (1) introduce students to the issue of government speech; (2) teach the doctrine; (3) apply the doctrine in a contemporary context; and (4) critically analyze the doctrine.

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High School

This lesson will ask students to engage with landmark freedom of press case studies exploring how the Supreme Court has ruled on First Amendment issues and has tried to balance competing values in our democracy. Grade Level: High School

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