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Improving Women's Rights Around the World

"Women's rights as human rights" was a revolutionary concept until the last few decades. Advocates for women's rights have helped focus world attention on issues that matter most in the lives of women and their families: access to education, healthcare, jobs and credit, the chance to enjoy basic legal and human rights and to participate fully in the their countries' political life. Thanks to the efforts of many thousands of people throughout the world, women's rights are increasingly recognized as integral to universal human rights principles.

In this edition, Students in Action looks at the status of women's rights in different countries around the world and highlights the progress being made in areas such as workplace rights, reproductive rights, human rights, and political rights. An interactive map allows you to visit specific countries to read about the problems women encounter in their struggle for equal rights and the progress that is being made.

Completing the Take Action! activity at the end of the map/articles will help you understand how women's rights are viewed in different countries as well as the efforts being made to promote and defend women's rights globally. You'll also learn about how different cultures' views on women's rights compare to the way such rights are perceived in the United States. This information will help you begin to participate in and influence the public debate surrounding these issues—a debate that your generation is encountering today and that you will encounter in the future, when you become parents and caretakers of the next generation of Americans.

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