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Translating a Dream into Reality—Making the World a Better Place

Take Action! Activities Related to Relieving Human Suffering...

Take Action!—CARE

  1. Take a virtual field trip to Guatemala with CARE along with eight high-school students from Atlanta and Chicago. Read through the students' journal to determine what was the trip's biggest impact.

  2. Explore ways for getting involved in CARE, such as CARE Youth Corps, advocacy, community efforts, and fund-raising events. What activity most interests you? Why?
Article: Relieving Human Suffering: CARE

Take Action!—International Rescue Committee

  1. Learn more how the International Rescue Committee helps people fleeing persecution and the specific ways that everyone can help, including assisting refugees or donating funds. (Job announcements and advice on seeking jobs in the development field are listed.)

  2. Chart out a possible college course that might lead to a job in the development field.
Article: Relieving Human Suffering: International Rescue Committee

Take Action!—International Youth Foundation

  1. At International Youth Foundation, explore the futures facing most of the world's youths.

  2. Select one of the 175 programs around the world that embodies the best practices of youth development. Outline the features that make the program a best practice.

  3. Identify opportunities for youths to donate funds to support this foundation. Consider whether there are any youths in your community who may be interested in these opportunities.
Article: Relieving Human Suffering: International Youth Foundation

Take Action!—Mercy Corps

  1. Locate one Mercy Corps program that embodies these features: citizen participation, accountability, nonviolent conflict management, and the rule of law. Why is each of the features important to the program?

  2. Explore the contents of a Mercy Kit. Find one recent example of where Mercy Kits are used.
Article: Relieving Human Suffering: Mercy Corps

Take Action!—Save the Children

  1. Review the 2002 State of the World's Mothers Report. Which countries are ranked the worst? Why?

  2. Document at least four ways that individuals can get involved in Save the Children.
Article: Relieving Human Suffering: Save the Children

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Translating a Dream into Reality—Making the World a Better Place
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