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Model United Nations


The United Nations is the international organization in which every nation in the world has a voice. You might think, "So what? That's not relevant to me!" In fact, in the age of globalization, what happens in other countries in the world can have a huge effect on your life. Trouble overseas might lead to an increase in the price of gas, making driving and flying more expensive. Or what happens abroad may have more serious consequences: there could be an increase in the number of refugees trying to enter the United States; or a foreign war might lead to a request for peacekeeping forces from the United Nations. In an age of terrorism, cooperation between all nations is more important than ever.

In this edition, Students in Action looks at world government and the United Nations through Model United Nations programs. Read about how these programs work and what you can do to take part. Then try your skill at our online United Nations scavenger hunt. You'll need to comb the United Nations Web site to fill in the blanks and figure out some true/ false questions.

Learning about the UN through Model United Nations can help you learn the basics of diplomacy. You might learn about countries you knew nothing about; you might also learn about the role of the United States in international affairs. And if you understand the role of the United Nations in world affairs, you will be more informed when you need to make informed choices about domestic politics.

Begin with the Model United Nations: Taking on the Role of Citizen of the World article, then do the Related Activities and visit the selected Links.

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