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Model United Nations: Taking on the Role of Citizen of the World


The following activities and scavenger hunt will help you get a handle on the United Nations!

Fun Facts

Did you know?

  • The United Nations has its own flag, its own post office and its own postage stamps.
  • The UN logo shows the world held in the olive branches of peace.
  • Six official languages are used at the United Nations—Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt coined the term "United Nations."

Scavenger Hunt

Easy Peasy

Go to the website of the United Nations and select the correct answers to fill in the blanks below.

1. The United Nations was established in the year ______.

a. 1954
b. 1945
c. 1964
d. 1970
2. The UN was established by ______ countries committed to preserving peace through international cooperation.
a. 12
b. 60
c. 22
d. 51
3. Today, _____ countries belong to the UN.
a. 1000
b. 5
c. 191
d. 74
4. The Secretary General of the United Nations is ___________.
a. Dag Hammarskjold
b. Kofi Annan
c. U Thant
d. Condoleezza Rice
5. The UN Secretary General is from the country of _________.
a. Ghana
b. Iceland
c. United States
d. Lebanon
6. When States become Members of the United Nations, they agree to an international treaty that sets out basic principles of international relations. This treaty is called the ___________.
a. UN Charter
b. Most Favored Nation Principle
c. Treaty of Versailles
d. Geneva Accord

True or False?

7. Every country that belongs to the UN is represented in the General Assembly, where each country has one vote.

True      False
8. If the UN makes a decision on an issue, it can force countries to follow that decision.
True      False
9. The General Assembly has primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security.
True      False
10. There are five permanent members of the UN Security Council that cannot be voted off.
True      False

Getting Tricky
Write your answers on a piece of paper and then check to see how many you got right on the answer page.

11. What is a veto power, where is it exercised, and which countries can exercise it?

12. What action can the UN take if a war breaks out?

13. What is a non-governmental organization (NGO), and what role do these organizations play in the United Nations?

14. What is the International Court of Justice?

15. Does the UN create laws? Does every country in the world have to follow them?

Essay Questions/Further Thoughts

What do you think are the weaknesses of the UN? Are there any ways in which it could be reformed?

What was the League of Nations? What factors contributed to its failure? What characteristics does the UN have that might help it to avoid the problems faced by the League of Nations?

Describe the International Court of Justice—what is it, when was it set up, what kinds of disputes does it resolve and how does it resolve them? What makes countries comply with a decision of the Court?

Find out the Answers (Easy Peasy-Getting Tricky sections only).

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