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Improving Women's Rights Around the World

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Using Web sites of International Center for Research on Women, Women and International Development Program, UNIFEM, and other organizations, research one of the following women's rights issues in a country of your choice:

  1. voting,
  2. marriage,
  3. employment,
  4. health care,
  5. domestic violence, or
  6. education
Then answer the questions on the worksheet for the country and issue you have chosen. You can also download the worksheet as a .pdf.


Instructions: Write in the nation and type of rights you have selected. Then answer the questions.

Nation: _________________________________________________________________

Type of Rights: __________________________________________________________

1. What types of cultural, ethnic, and religious ideas influencing women's rights in the national and rights area you have chosen?

2. What changes, if any, have been taken or proposed to improve this right?

3. Has any progress been made? Explain why or why not.

Do the people of this country view this right differently than Americans do? If so, in what ways?

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