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Debating Voting Issues, Representativeness, and Reforms

Take Action! - Whose Voice is Heard?

1. Using Groups Seek to Give Felons Voting Rights, find out what the law in your state is regarding convicted felons' right to vote. Discuss whether a person who pays his or her debt to society should be allowed to vote. Does the kind of crime a person was convicted of affect your opinion?

2. Take a survey of your fellow students. Do they plan to vote when they turn eighteen? If not, why not? Do they feel prepared to make an informed vote? Have students prepare a chart listing the things they feel a voter needs to know to make an informed decision about candidates on election day.

3. Research how the "right to vote" is affected by congressional redistricting. Find out how your district is set up and how the 2000 Census has affected redistricting in your state by visiting Fair Vote. Take the "Redistricting Roulette" challenge. Find out how election results can be manipulated by how district lines are drawn. Discuss the election results that occur with each plan in class.

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