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Debating Undocumented Immigrants' Rights

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1. Can you see both sides of an issue? Pretend you are a detainee's lawyer. Explain why holding your client indefinitely is wrong. Then pretend you are an INS lawyer. Explain why detaining some aliens is important to national security.

2. Find out what happened to H.R.2121 and H.R.4966. Did they pass in the House and the Senate? Did they become laws? Have any other bills focusing on the treatment of detainees been discussed or introduced? For selected immigration bills introduced during the current congressional term, see Congressional Bills, Jan.-May 2001: A Selection of Proposals; for immigration bills introduced during this and recent terms, visit and

3. See how many immigrants came to the United States in the last year, where they came from, and how many came to your state. Visit the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service Web site.

4. Where do you stand in the debate over immigration? Familiarize yourself with the arguments on all sides by visiting Project Vote Smart's Immigration page.

5. Refugees have made vital contributions to both their new and their old countries. Find out about famous refugees by visiting the UNHCR-50 Foundation Web site.

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