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Investigating the Rights of Youths

Take Action! —Child Labor: An International Challenge

1. Research U.S. and state Child Labor Laws. If you prefer, focus on those of your state. How do the laws you have found protect juveniles? How do they limit juveniles' ability to earn income?

2. Some people argue that developing countries need child labor. Research impoverished nations such as Somalia and Haiti. Do you feel these nations should have child labor laws? If so, what laws would you support for these countries? Do your suggestions differ from the U.S. laws you've researched? If so, how? Explain any similarities or differences.

3. Visit the ILO to find out how you can support the international effort to stop abusive child labor and protect the human rights of other workers around the world. If you wish, order Posters calling for the end to abusive labor practices. Display the posters in your community (get permission first).

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