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Debating Voting Issues, Representativeness, and Reforms

Take Action! - Do Our Judges "Represent" the People?

1. Using, research which groups are involved in the process of selecting federal judges and outline each party's role. What problems are there with the current selection process? What proposals would you recommend for improving it?

2. "If there's a Hispanic seat, should there be an Asian seat?" Debate the question of whether there should be such a "quota" system to ensure representativeness on the Supreme Court. Are there other groups that you think should be represented on the Supreme Court? Discuss what you think it was like for Sandra Day O'Connor to be the first woman justice, for Louis Brandeis as the first Jewish justice, and for Thurgood Marshall as the first African American on the Supreme Court. Visit to get biographical information on these justices.

3. Use to research how the judges in your state are selected. Determine and list judges who run for office as opposed to being appointed. Using, discuss the merits of judicial selection versus election.

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