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Debating Undocumented Immigrants' Rights

Take Action! - The Next Gideon?

1. Find out more about the Supreme Court’s decision in Gideon v. Wainwright. One possible source is Touro Law Center. Review Elian's story by visiting the INS pages about Elian or the Online NewsHour's section pertaining to Elian Gonzalez. How are Gideon and the Elian case similar? How are they different?

2. Take a survey. Would people be willing to spend tax dollars to help juvenile asylum seekers? Why or why not?

3. Do you think a child Elian’s age should be able to ask for asylum? If not, how old do you think a child must be to seek asylum? Explain your answer.

4. Get involved in the first World Refugee Day. The United Nations General Assembly has selected June 20, 2001, as a day for people all over the world to recognize the plight of the world’s refugees. Enter the World Refugee Day poster contest. For information, guidelines, and entry forms, contact

5. Although the United States views itself as a nation of immigrants, its attitude toward immigrants has been ambivalent throughout its history, with the nation sometimes welcoming and sometimes discouraging them. Research immigration from a historical perspective. For a century of magazine articles on the subject, visit The Atlantic Monthly's Flashbacks .  For a complete overview of the subject, visit The Learning Page.

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