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When was the last time you went to the seaside? Yesterday, last month, or last summer? Whether you go to the beach every day, or have never seen the ocean, one thing is for sure: the oceans have had an impact on something in your life.

Maybe you had a tuna salad sandwich for lunch? That tuna was likely caught by a commercial fishing boat on the open ocean. The fishermen probably had to comply with national and international laws regulating fishing when they caught it. And once the tuna was processed and canned, it probably traveled on another ship on its way to your local supermarket. Did you get a ride to school this morning? The car used gas, which was processed from crude oil, and that crude oil was probably transported across the ocean in an oil tanker.

We rely on the oceans for food, transport, trade, and inspiration, but the oceans are not always at the front of our minds. Go to Tracking Oil Spills around the World (and the Web) to find out more about the oceans, oil, pollution and the law.

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