2017 American Bar Association
Gavel Award Finalists

Recognizing Outstanding Efforts to Foster Public Understanding of Law

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Blood in the Water: The Attica
Prison Uprising of 1971 and Its Legacy

Heather Ann Thompson, Author
Penguin Random House/Pantheon Books

Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the
 American City

Matthew Desmond, Author
Penguin Random House/Crown Publishers

The Framers’ Coup: The Making of
 the United States Constitution

Michael Klarman, Author
Oxford University Press

Imbeciles: The Supreme Court,
 American Eugenics, and the
 Sterilization of Carrie Buck

Adam Cohen, Author
Penguin Random House/Penguin Books

Vagrant Nation: Police Power,
 Constitutional Change, and
 the Making of the 1960s

Risa Goluboff, Author
Oxford University Press


It’s Been 40 Years Since the Supreme
Court Tried to Fix the Death Penalty
 — Here’s How It Failed

The Marshall Project
Evan Mandery, Professor
John Jay College of Criminal Justice


Admissions on Trial: Seven Decades of
Race and Higher Education

Villita Media for KLRU-TV
Lynn Boswell, Producer, Director & Writer
Paul Sweeney, Editor

Do Not Resist
Craig Atkinson, Director
Laura Hartrick, Producer

Trilogy Films
Dawn Porter, Director
Marilyn Ness, Producer


Where the Death Penalty Still Lives
New York Times Magazine
Emily Bazelon, Staff Writer
Ilena Silverman, Features Editor


Doubled Up In Solitary Confinement

National Public Radio and The Marshall Project
Joseph Shapiro, Correspondent, NPR
Christie Thompson, Staff Writer, The Marshall Project
Ruth Baldwin, Director of Communications, The Marshall Project
Robert Little, Senior Supervising Editor, Investigations, NPR


A Cry for Help
Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN)
Jennifer Bjorhus and Kelly Smith, reporters
Jeff Hargarten, Interactive data journalist
MaryJo Webster, Data editor
Richard Tsong-Taatarii, Visual journalist

Forsaken: Florida's Broken Mental Health System
Sun Sentinel (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
Dana Banker, Managing Editor
Megan O’Matz, Sally Kestin, and Stephen Hobbs, Reporters
John Maines, Database Editor

No Money, No Mercy

The New York Times
Andrew Lehren and Shaila Dewan, Reporters
Christine Kay, Enterprise Editor
Scott Blumenthal, Deputy Editor, Interactive News


"...and justice for all."
Alabama Public Radio
Pat Duggins, News Director
Stan Ingold, Assistant News Director
Alex AuBuchon and Mackenzie Bates, News Hosts/Reporters

More Perfect
WNYC Studios
Jad Abumrad, Executive Producer, Host, Creator
Suzie Lechtenberg, Executive Producer
Kelsey Padgett, Producer, Reporter
Sean Rameswaram, Correspondent Tobin Low, Producer

This Land Is Our Land
Oregon Public Broadcasting
Anna Griffin, News Director
David Blanchard, Producer


The Border
FOX5 Las Vegas
Christine Maddela, News Anchor

48 Hours: The Fight for Melissa
48 Hours/CBS News
Erin Moriarty, Correspondent
Lourdes Aguiar, Charlotte Fuller and Gail Abbott Zimmerman, producers
Judy Tygard, senior producer
Susan Zirinsky, executive producer

Winners will be announced on May 10.


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For information about the Silver Gavel Awards, please contact:

American Bar Association 
Division for Public Education 
321 N. Clark St., 20.2 
Chicago, IL 60654 
312/988-5733 (phone) 
312/988-5494 (fax attn: Gavel Awards)