October 29, 2018

American Bar Association 2008 GAVEL AWARDS Recognizing Outstanding Efforts To Foster Public Understanding of the Law

American Bar Association
Recognizing Outstanding Efforts
To Foster Public Understanding of the Law

Silver Gavel
The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court
New York, New York
Jeffrey Toobin, Author

Honorable Mention
Monkey Girl: Evolution, Education, Religion and the Battle for America's Soul
Ecco/HarperCollins Publishers
New York, New York
Edward Humes, Author

Honorable Mention
"Death Penalty Editorials"
The Dallas Morning News
Dallas, Texas
Michael Landauer and Mike Hashimoto,
Assistant Editorial Page Editors
Colleen McCain Nelson and Rodger Jones, Editorial Writers
Rod Dreher, Editorial Columnist
Silver Gavel
"The Supreme Court"
HiddenHill Production for
Thirteen/WNET New York
New York, New York
Jody Sheff, Executive Producer
Mark Zwontizer, Series Producer/Writer
Richard Ben Cramer, Writer
Thomas Lennon, Director
David Strathairn, Narrator

Honorable Mention
"Hitler's Courts: Betrayal of the Rule of Law in Nazi Germany"
Joshua Greene and Shiva Kumar, Producers/Directors, Stories to Remember
Lawrence Raful, Dean, Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center
Sol Wachtler, Professor of Law
Howard Glickstein, Dean Emeritus
Honorable Mention
"Thanks for Nothing: How Specialist Town Won a Purple Heart and Lost His Benefits"
The Nation
New York, New York
Joshua Kors, Reporter
Roane Carey, Managing Editor
Silver Gavel
"Lawless Lands: The Crisis in Indian Country"
The Denver Post
Denver, Colorado
Michael Riley, Staff Writer
Gary Clark, Managing Editor/News
Chuck Murphy, Editor
Barbara Hudson, Research Librarian
R.J. Sangosti, Photographer

Honorable Mention
"Trashing the Truth: The Hidden Story of Lost DNA"
The Denver Post
Denver, Colorado
Miles Moffeit and Susan Greene, Staff Writers
Gary Clark, Managing Editor/News
Jeff Taylor, San Francisco Bureau Chief
Monnie Nilsson, Projects Research
 Television Programs
Silver Gavel
Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial
Nova/WGBH and Vulcan Productions, Inc. in association with Big Table Film Company
Boston, Massachusetts and London, United Kingdom
Paula Apsell and Richard Hutton, Senior Executive Producers
Joseph McMaster, Writer/Director/Producer
Bonnie Benjamin-Phariss, Supervising Producer
Melanie Wallace, Senior Series Producer
Jonathan Sahula, Editor

Honorable Mention
"Mortgage Meltdown"
Elkridge, Maryland
Tisha Thompson, Investigative Reporter
John Anglim, Investigative Photojournalist