October 29, 2018

American Bar Association 2007 Silver Gavel Award Winners

American Bar Association
2007 Silver Gavel Award Winners

Guantanamo and the Abuse of Presidential Power
Simon & Schuster
New York, New York
Joseph Margulies, Author

ABA commentary and more
"Nobody's Hero"
5280: Denver's City Magazine
Denver, Colorado
Maximillian Potter, Writer

ABA commentary and more
 New Media
King County Bar Association
and 19 Co-Sponsoring Organizations
Seattle, Washington
Paul Fjelstad, Web Designer
John R. Ruhl, President, King County Bar Association

ABA commentary and more

Signing Statements
The Boston Globe
Boston, Massachusetts
Charlie Savage, Writer
Peter Canellos, Editor

ABA commentary and more
"Judge Vows to Free Inmates Held Since Katrina"
National Public Radio
Washington, DC
Ari Shapiro, Justice Reporter
Barbara Campbell, Editor
Emily Ochsenschlager, Producer

ABA commentary and more
 Television News & Documentaries
The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till
Court TV and Till Freedom Come Productions
New York, New York
Edgar E. Beauchamp and Ceola J. Beauchamp, Executive Producers
Keith A. Beauchamp, Producer and Director

ABA commentary and more
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