Silver Gavel Awards for Media and The Arts

Silver Gavel Awards for Media and The Arts

American Bar Association
2002 Silver Gavel Award Winners

Read more details about the winners in the 2002 program guide. (.pdf)

 A Duty to Protect
The News Tribune
Tacoma, Washington
Sarah Duran and Beth Silver, Writers
Doreen Marchionni, Crime Team Editor
Peggy Bellows, Senior Editor for Projects
An American Insurrection: The Battle of Oxford, Mississippi, 1962
Doubleday Books
New York, New York
William Doyle, Author
Series on Liberty and Justice
The CQ Researcher
Washington, DC
Thomas Colin, Managing Editor
Kenneth Jost, Patrick Marshall,
Brian Hansen, Sarah Glazer and
David Masci, Writers
No Silver Gavel Awards were presented in this category in 2002
The Killing Yard
Showtime/Paramount Network Television/Harris & Company
New York, New York
Benita Garvin, Producer/Writer
Daniele Rohrbach, Producer
Estelle Lasher, Co-Executive Producer
Michelle Mundy, Co-Executive Producer
Robert Harris, Executive Producer
Jim Korris, Executive Producer
Euzhan Palcy, Director
Paul La Mastra, Editor
John Simmons, Director of Photography
Juvenile Justice
Frontline with Oregon Public Broadcasting and ABC News Nightline
New York, New York
Janet Tobias and Laura Rabhan Bar-On,
Michel Martin, Correspondent
Vivian Siu, Associate Producer
Color of Justice
Minnesota Public Radio
St. Paul, Minnesota
Mike Edgerly, News Director
Leonard Witt, Executive Director
Dan Olson, Elizabeth Stawicki,
Dan Gunderson and Brandt Williams, Reporters
Bob Collins, Online Editor
No Silver Gavel Awards were presented in this category in 2002
 NEW MEDIA Perspectives on the U.S. Criminal Justice System
Picture Projects
New York, New York
Alison Cornyn, Co-Producer, Creative Director Sue Johnson, Co-Producer, Creative Director

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