Silver Gavel Awards for Media and The Arts

Silver Gavel Awards for Media and The Arts

Entries must have been originally published, produced, or presented between January 1 and December 31, 2013. You MUST indicate all co-producers or co-publishers, if any, involved in the development of your entry. Non-English-language entries accompanied by an English translation or transcript are eligible.

Entries cannot have been previously submitted for the Silver Gavel Awards-unless they are substantially revised and represent new releases or editions.

For all entries, submit 5 entry sets, collated, with both forms (including one signed original) and 5 entry products or products (e.g., books, articles, DVDs and CDs). The entry form must be securely attached, as a cover page, to the front of each entry set and must be clearly visible upon immediate inspection. All supporting materials included in the five collated entry sets (see 3H on Entry Form) must be in a reproducible, 8-1/2" x 11" size. The ABA may disqualify any submission not meeting these entry requirements.

For all newspaper or magazine content entries, legibility is essential, even if this requires entry formats larger than 8-1/2 x 11. To facilitate entry, special published reprints of original articles may be submitted.

For entries in the documentaries, television programs and video-based drama and literature categories, submit the 5 entries on DVDs. Clearly mark title, airing information, and running time and delete all commercials, long lead-ins and breaks.

For any entries with online content, all content must be clearly indicated and remain publicly accessible via a single URL throughout the judging period (January 8 - June 1). We also encourage submission of selected online content in either hard copy or DVD/CD formats, as appropriate (5 copies).

There is no restriction on the number of entries publishers and producers may submit. Particular entries, however, may be submitted in only one category.

Recognizing that certain entries might be eligible under more than one category, the American Bar Association reserves the right to consider entries under another category than that submitted.

Entries should be on a single subject or issue or otherwise address a cohesive theme. They cannot be treated as representative of work not submitted. Accordingly, a series of related parts (e.g., programs, columns, articles) is eligible, but "body of work" entries are not. Within these parameters, entries should also not be so lengthy as to be a burden for reviewers or otherwise lessen their impact.

Please note that all entry materials become the property of the American Bar Association and will not be returned. Programs or products funded or developed by or in association with the American Bar Association are ineligible for Gavel Awards.

Entry Fees
A $75 fee is required for each entry submitted. If you would like to request a hardship waiver for entry fees in any category (limited to one entry), please e-mail your request to the American Bar Association, attention Howard Kaplan, at Briefly state the reason for your request. If you are submitting more than one entry, a single check, payable to the American Bar Association, is preferred ( ABA Federal Tax ID #36-0723150). To pay by credit card, contact Pam Hollins at 312.988.5733 or

Download the 2012 entry form or (Microsoft Word version)

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