Silver Gavel Awards for Media and The Arts

Silver Gavel Awards for Media and The Arts

American Bar Association
1995 Silver Gavel Award Winners


The Bergen Record
Hackensack, New Jersey
"Delinquent Justice"

A comprehensive series examining New Jersey's troubled juvenile justice system through research into court records and interviews
with experts. Presents models of reform from across the country.

The Miami Herald
Miami, Florida
"Crime and No Punishment"

An exhaustive analysis of south Florida court systems and their reliance on plea bargaining. Shows that Miami has more crime and less punishment than any other big city in America.

Seattle Times
Seattle, Washington
"Overwhelming Evidence: Crime Labs in Crisis"

A five-part series explaining how crime labs work--and don't. Exposed major flaws in crime laboratory systems in Washington and other states, providing reasons for these problems, and detailing possible solutions.

The Sunday Telegraph
Nashua, New Hampshire
"Hitting Home"

A six-day series of stories and photographs offering new insights into the issue of domestic violence, featuring interviews of batterers as well as victims and including a step-by-step guide to promote public awareness and help victims.


Phoenix New Times
Phoenix, Arizona
Series on Zero-Down Bankruptcy

A series of four articles exposing abusive "no money down" bankruptcy practices by law firms in the Phoenix area.

Washington Blade
Washington, DC
"Legal Challenges to Anti-Gay Initiatives"

A series of four articles offering a historical record and careful explanation of the legal consequences of anti-gay ballot initiatives and the constitutional challenges to them.

Basic Books
New York, New York
Crusaders in the Courts

A definitive "inside" history of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (the "Inc. Fund") and compelling personal memoir by Jack Greenberg, its long-time director-counsel.

Random House/Times Books
New York, New York
The Jury: Trial and Error in the American Courtroom

A critical look at "the jury" as a key institution of the American justice system by Stephen Adler, the legal editor of the Wall Street Journal. Presents portraits of how juries work through interviews with jurors and others, and outlines steps for reform.

No Silver Gavel Awards were presented in this category in 1995.
No Silver Gavel Awards were presented in this category in 1995.
No Silver Gavel Awards were presented in this category in 1995.

Earl Warren Bill of Rights Project
University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, California

Northwest Public Affairs Network
Seattle, Washington

"May It Please the Court"

A five-part public radio series on landmark Supreme Court cases-- Cooper v. Aaron, Miranda v. Arizona, Roe v. Wade, U. S. v. Nixon, and Regents v. Bakke--featuring selections from actual oral arguments with expert narration by a legal scholar.


WBAL Radio
Baltimore, Maryland
"The Case of Alan Hill"

A "case study" of drug trafficking as it unfolded on Baltimore streets and through the criminal justice system, and was tracked
on air in newscasts and on talk radio shows during a seven-month investigation.

Ginzberg Video Productions
Albany, California
"Doing Justice: The Life and Trials of Arthur Kinoy"

A fascinating journey through many of the key civil rights and civil liberties cases of post-World War II America as told
through the life and trials of the quintessential "people's lawyer."

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