American Bar Association 2007 Gavel Award Honorable Mentions

American Bar Association
2007 Gavel Award Honorable Mentions

The Tyrannicide Brief
Pantheon Books
New York, New York
Geoffrey Robertson, Author

ABA commentary and more
 New Media
"Conflicts on the Bench"
Center for Investigative Reporting and
Berkeley, California and San Francisco, California
Will Evans, Reporter
Dan Noyes and Mark Schapiro, Editors for CIR
Mark Follman, Editor for

ABA commentary and more
Debtors' Hell
The Boston Globe
Boston, Massachusetts
Walter V. Robinson, Editor
Michael Rezendes, Beth Healy, Francie Latour, and Heather Allen, Reporters

ABA commentary and more
Tainted Trials
Tainted Trials, Stolen Justice
San Jose Mercury News
San Jose, California
Fredric N. Tulsky, Projects Reporter

ABA commentary and more
Television News
Koppel on Discovery: The Price of Security
Discovery Networks, U.S.excerpt
Ted Koppel, Managing Editor
Peter Demchuk, Producer
Elissa Rubin, Producer

ABA commentary and more
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