Conversations on Inalienable Rights

ABA Dialogue Program

Dialogue Program

The latest addition to the ABA's popular Dialogue series is the Dialogue on Law in the 21st Century . The Dialogue Program provides lawyers, judges, and teachers with the resources they need to engage students and community groups in discussion of fundamental American legal principles and civic traditions.

Other Dialogues in the series include Dialogue on Lincoln, the Dialogue on the Rule of Law, Dialogue on Youth and Justice, the Dialogue on the Separation of Powers, the Dialogue on the American Jury, the Dialogue on Brown v. Board of Education, and the Dialogue on Freedom. Visit the ABA Dialogue Program page for more information.

Conversations on the Constitution

Conversations on National Security
Our Constitution offers a framework for addressing challenges in the nation's political life. Conversations on the Constitution is a new program of the ABA Division for Public Education to encourage civil discussion and debate about the meaning of some of the Constitution's concepts and clauses that have been the subject of ongoing constitutional debates.

Educational institutions receiving federal funds must hold educational programs about the Constitution on September 17—Constitution Day. The authorizing legislation, sponsored by Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV), also requires federal agencies to hold Constitution programs on Constitution Day. The ABA Division for Public Education offers Conversations on the Constitution in service to the nation for its Constitution commemoration and education efforts.

Want more, visit Conversations on the Constitution.

National Online Youth Summit

National Online Youth Summit

The National Online Youth Summit (NOYS) is a national web-based program that encourages youth to learn about and critically evaluate a timely, law-related topic through civil online discussion with peers from around the country. The Summit curriculum, objectives and goals are adaptable and allow teachers to create an exemplary project-based learning experience tailored to their students and relevant learning standards.

Over the last ten years, more than 4,000 have participated in NOYS. Previous Summit topics include:

  • Environmental Law
  • Immigration
  • The Future of Capital Punishment
  • Access Denied, R-Rating, V-Chip: Should Youth Access to the Internet be Restricted?
  • The Second Amendment Debate
  • Modern State of the First Amendment

Visit the NOYS home page to apply and for more information.