North Carolina

Discover what organizations in your state are doing to further the mission of Civic and Law Related Education. No effort is too small when it comes to impacting and educating youth and adults about the law.

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North Carolina Bar Association

8000 Weston Parkway
Cary, NC 27513

Law-Related Education
The mission is to educate and empower North Carolina teachers, students and general public by providing civic and legal educational resources, programs, and competitions. Programs include: Justice Teaching Institute, Trials & Tribulations, and Lawyers 4 Literacy, as well as middle & elementary school mock trial competitions, We the People & Project Citizen state competitions.

Mecklenburg County Bar

438 Queens Street
Charlotte, NC 28207

North Carolina Civic Education Consortium

Humanities Program, UNC-Chapel Hill
CB #3425
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

The North Carolina Civic Education Consortium works with schools, governments, and community organizations to prepare North Carolina's young people to be active, responsible citizens.