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Hawaii Friends of Justice and Civic Education

Hawaii Friends of Justice & Civic Education is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (NGO) established in 1980 that is committed to advancing civic behavior and improving the justice system. Its mission is to increase democratic behavior through positive civic activities and decision making. 

Hawaii State Judiciary Community Outreach

Outreach programs include: Court Tours, Divorce Law in Hawaii, the History Center, Judicial Independence, Lunch 'n' Lean the Law, Speakers Bureau and Volunteer Opportunities. The Judiciary engages the State Legislature through sponsoring events for legislators such as “law school for legislators” and “a day in court.” The Judiciary responds to media reports that contain misleading or inaccurate information regarding judicial rulings or judicial procedures through written statements (e.g. letter to the editor). The Judiciary works closely with the Hawaii State Department of Education to conduct teacher workshops and to provide professional development credit opportunities, free sets of curricula, and classroom assistance.

The King Kamehameha V Judiciary History Center

Founded in 1989 to help the public understand Hawai''s unique legal history and the development of Hawai'i's judicial system. The Center primarily promotes civics and law-related education activities for students, teachers, and the general public.

Students for Public Outreach & Civic Education (SPOCE)

Students for Public Outreach and Civic Education’s (SPOCE) mission is to empower at-risk youth by teaching classes about the law and its effects on their lives, to help them become more informed citizens and active members of the community. The program seeks to advance justice by developing law students who take pride in public service and civic education.