Discover what organizations in your state are doing to further the mission of Civic and Law Related Education. No effort is too small when it comes to impacting and educating youth and adults about the law. Submit here to promote your Civics & Law Related Education program.

Center for Education in Law and Democracy

531 Adams Street
Denver, CO  80206

Colorado Close Up

1600 Broadway Suite 1460
Denver, CO 80202

Denver Bar Association

1900 Grant Street, Suite 900
Denver, CO 80203

Java & Juice
Attorneys meet with youth aging out of foster care, to answer their legal questions

Denver Bar Guest Teaching Program
Attorneys, paralegals, magistrates and judges substitute in Denver Public Schools on pre- planned days.

Lawline 9
Call-in program during 9 o’clock news, in which attorneys offer legal information and referrals to other community legal resources. 

Constitution Day
Attorneys teach students about the Constitution.

Colorado Bar Association

1900 Grant Street, Suite 900
Denver, CO 80203

Our Courts
Nonpartisan information programs for adult audiences to further public knowledge and understanding of the state and federal courts in Colorado.

Colorado Bar Association High School Mock Trial Program
Students perform as attorneys and/or witnesses in a court case. Attorneys, judges, teachers, and other community leaders instruct students about the judicial system and the trial process through this educational program.