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October 25, 2020

Call for Nominations

Nominations for the award are accepted on behalf of individuals who have:

  • Been active in LRE for at least five (5) years;
  • Participated in the development of LRE materials or programs, or made significant other recognized contributions to LRE at the local, state, or national levels;
  • Generously contributed time and resources in support of LRE, such as serving on advisory committees, reviewing materials or programs, and responding to requests for assistance; and 
  • Not previously received the award.

Deadline: October 25, 2020

Submit Nomination

Note: The entry form allows, but does not require, submission of supplemental materials in support of the nominee.. Such materials could include one or both of the following: 1) a single reduced-size PDF file not more than 10 pages long, 2) link to a video not longer than 5 minutes. Alternatively, supplemental materials meeting the same requirements may be housed on a website, and the link may be supplied in the form. The form also allows for saving work and completing across multiple sessions, if needed. 

Award winner will be announced in November, and presented virtually during the 2020 National Law-Related Education Conference, which is being conducted as part of the 2020 NCSS Virtual Conference, December 4-6, 2020.