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November 08, 2018

Best Public Program

Guam Bar Association, Judiciary of Guam, and District Court of Guam

To mark the 11th anniversary of the Guam Bar Association, Judiciary of Guam, and District Court of Guam partnership for Law Week celebrations, representatives from all three branches of government gave a joint proclamation presentation on April 27, at the Guam Congress Building. That evening, the annual Law Fair was held at the Congress Building and nearby Guam Museum, where elementary and middle school students presented mock trials that were broadcast live on the Guam Legislature channel throughout the island.

Law Fair attendees obtained information from law-related and community organizations. Guam Chief Justice gave an address on May 1, about the importance of the executive and legislative branches’ role in ensuring adequate and equitable funding of the third branch. May 2, the Supreme Court of Guam held an appellate outreach argument at an area high school coincidentally on separation of powers among the branches. The student body was privy to the case summary in advance of oral argument. Rounding out the week of festivities, was the unveiling of a new Justice Patch Program, developed with the Guam Girl Scouts, to foster an understanding of the legal system and why we have laws.

Other Law Week programming included: a naturalization ceremony; essay, art, and coloring contests, as well as the first Law Week Sketch Artist Contest open to high school students and adults seeking sketches of any public District Court proceeding; free lawyer clinics at senior citizen centers; and a 5K run/walk.,,