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Law Day Activity Showcase

Share Your Law Day Activity (May-June)

Did your Law Day activity shine and make an impact in your community? Please tell us about it. Any individual, group, or organization that implements a Law Day program is welcome to share their Law Day activity information, and may be featured in the Law Day Activity Showcase. Law Day activities in the Showcase will also be featured in the ABA Division for Public Education’s e-newsletter, Law Matters, and on ABA Division for Public Education social media. Submissions may be submitted following Law Day, May 1, until through June 30, 2022. 

How to Share Your Activity

Complete the Law Day Activity Information Form—it can be finished in just a few minutes. To complete the form, you will need:

(1) Contact name, email
(2) Sponsoring organization(s) of the activity
(3) Explanation of the activity (100 words max)
(4) URL to activity information, materials, graphics, if available

Writing an Activity Explanation—Pro Tips

The activity narrative should be a comprehensive explanation of the Law Day activity written for an audience that did not attend, or that would not be familiar with local offices or officials. It will be used to describe your activity in the Showcase.

Remember to:

  • Think broadly, limit details to keep the story general
  • Isolate any exemplary or memorable anecdotes and include in the description
  • Use complete names of people, places, things
  • Spell out acronyms
  • Proofread

Substantively, consider:

  • How well the activity expands public awareness of the rule of law
  • How well the entry highlights the Law Day theme, or another substantive theme
  • How well the program engages the target audience(s)
  • How well the program forged partnerships with community groups, schools, and the legal community
  • Quality and innovation of the program
  • If there is an impact beyond Law Day

Questions? Email [email protected].