Isidore Starr Award

Call for Nominations


The Award
The Isidore Starr Award for Excellence in Law-Related Education was established in 1983 by the American Bar Association to recognize outstanding achievement in the field of law-related education (LRE).

Named in honor of Isidore Starr, the widely acknowledged "father of law-related education," the award is presented to an individual who has made significant contributions in promoting excellence in law-related education in elementary or secondary schools.


Nominations for the award are accepted on behalf of individuals who have:

  • Been active in LRE for at least five (5) years;
  • Participated in the development of LRE materials or programs, or made significant other recognized contributions to LRE at the local, state, or national levels;
  • Generously contributed time and resources in support of LRE, such as serving on advisory committees, reviewing materials or programs, and responding to requests for assistance;
  • Not previously received the award.

Nomination Packets
Each nomination should include:

  • Nominee's contact information;
  • Nominee's resume (3 pages maximum);
  • Summary of the nominee’s LRE activities (1-2 pages);
  • Letters of recommendation (3 minimum, 5 maximum) from individuals who have knowledge of nominee's contributions to law-related education;
  • Other relevant pertinent materials that demonstrate nominee's excellence in law-related education (10 pages maximum)

Nominations for the Starr Award are being accepted until September 10, 2015.

Submitting a Nomination

Please assemble all nomination materials into one PDF document (21 pages maximum) and email to the 2015 Isidore Starr Award for Excellence in Law-Related Education. Nominations must be received no later than September 10, 2015.


Award Presentation
The next Starr Award for Excellence in Law-Related Education will be presented on Friday, October 30, 2015, during the closing session of the 29th National Law-Related Education Conference, in Philadelphia.

Please email any questions, or call 312-988-5739.