Support the 2020 National Civics and Law Academy

The ABA Division for Public Education hosts the National Civics & Law Academy (NCLA) in partnership with the Close Up Foundation. The 2020 NCLA will be held from March 8-12 in Washington, D.C. Help the American Bar Association provide high school students with an opportunity to spend four days focused on understanding the relationship that law, policies, people, and institutions have in shaping our nation.

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Donation Opportunities

We welcome donations from law firms, law schools, bar associations, corporations, community organizations, and individuals that seek to encourage and support leadership opportunities for the young people in their communities.

2017 NCLA Students

View the 2017 National Civics & Law Academy students of 2017. Also, check out the video of their experiences.

2017 NCLA Students Share Their Experiences

View - 2017 NCLA students

2016 NCLA Students

View the 2016 National Civics & Law Academy students of 2016. Also, check out the video of their experiences.

View - 2016 NCLA Students

Donate to Help us Engage New Leaders

Generous donor support provides valuable tools to educate, empower, and engage the public to promote understanding of law and its vital role in our society.


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Resources for Local Civics and Law Academies

Resources for bar associations and schools to host local civics and law academies in their communities.

Civics and Law Honor Roll

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The Close up Foundation

The ABA hosts the NCLA in cooperation with the Close Up Foundation. Close Up assists with student travel and provides logistical support on-site in Washington, D.C. Close Up’s mission is to inform, inspire and empower young people to become active citizens in our democracy. Close Up actively seeks to provide civic education opportunities for all students, regardless of their socioeconomic level or prior academic success.

For further information about the National Civics & Law Academy, please contact:

Christine Lucianek
Manager, Education & Research
American Bar Association Division for Public Education
321 N. Clark Street, Chicago IL 60654 312.988.5727