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Section of Public Contract Law Scholarship Program

The purpose of the Section of Public Contract Law Scholarship Program is to address barriers to active participation in the Section by investing in attorneys who will participate actively in, and contribute to, the substantive work of the Section; will grow into future leadership positions within the Section; and will promote the balance of ideas which is the foundation of the Section's value to its members and the overall procurement community. The Section will actively seek participation of lawyers who are underrepresented in the Section, with a particular focus on lawyers of color, young lawyers, and federal, state, and local government lawyers.

  • Full Section Scholarship
  • Marilyn Neforas Scholarship for Young Lawyer Women in Public Contract Law
    The Marilyn Neforas Scholarship, in honor of Marilyn Neforas, the Public Contract Law Section Director for over 35 years, serves to facilitate the participation and development of future leaders of young lawyer women members of the Section in Section programs and events. Scholarships will be awarded to young lawyer women who exhibit promise in developing the same traits that Marilyn has exercised so effectively on behalf of our Section — commitment, selflessness, integrity, perseverance, and heart.

See PCL scholarship overview.

Download a full scholarship application or paired scholarship application and apply today! Applications must be received no later than June 18, 2021.


What did receiving the ABA Section of Public Contract Law Diversity Scholarship mean to you?

“As a local government lawyer and Public Contract Law Section scholarship recipient, I received the gift of immersion in my practice area without a heavy financial burden. However, the scholarship provided much more than an education. As a PCL Section member, subject matter experts on all aspects of public contracts are always willing to assist me in analyzing an issue. Trailblazers in this practice have become mentors and friends who encourage me to pursue leadership opportunities and fully participate in spirited discussions about public contract law and policy. My scholarship and Section involvement led to my service as a consulted expert for the World Bank Group on the “Benchmarking Public Procurement” project. Now, I enjoy ‘paying it forward’ as new practitioners join what I call ‘The Best Practice Section Few Know About’.”

Angela M. Hinton
Chief Counsel
City of Atlanta, Law Department
(2009 – 2011 Scholarship Recipient)


“My time as a diversity scholarship recipient in the Public Contract Law Section (PCLS) was invaluable, both professionally and personally. As a scholarship recipient, I was given responsibilities from day one, assigned an experienced mentor, and introduced to various senior practitioners in the Section. Couple that inclusion, mentoring and training with the financial assistance the Section provided me to attend various Section meetings, and I can unequivocally state that being a scholarship recipient provided me with the resources and connections to become an involved member of the Section. My involvement in the Section has also provided me with many new friendships, and has been integral to the advancement of my career. As a scholarship alumnus I look forward to giving back to the Section that has given so much to me.”

Robert T. Wu
Senior Attorney
U.S. Government Accountability Office, Procurement Law Division
(2010 – 2012 Scholarship Recipient)


“Being a scholarship recipient of the ABA Section of Public Contract Law means that I get the opportunity to be exposed to a Section that performs a vital function by providing a platform for other attorneys who practice in the field of public contract law to associate and disseminate important information in this field. As a current scholarship recipient, I have been enthusiastically encouraged to attend section events and get involved within the section; I have met and established relationships with leading attorneys in private practice and within the Government who practice in this field of law; received phenomenal mentoring opportunities; and attended conferences and forums that have contributed to enhancing my knowledge of public contract law. I am excited to be a Section member and scholarship recipient, and look forward to continuously contributing to the Section.”

Frank Windham
Assistant Counsel
U.S. Department of the Navy, F-35 Lightning II / Joint Strike Fighter Program
(2015 – 2017 Scholarship Recipient)


Your charitable donation, designated to the Public Contract Law General Support Fund, ensures educational and leadership opportunities for law students, diverse lawyers, public service lawyers and judges, and others to participate in the Section’s educational offerings as well as supports our public service projects.

Donations to the Marylin Neforas Scholarship Fund, named after the former Section Director of 37 years, gives promising young women lawyers practicing in the public contract law arena opportunities to participate fully as active leaders in the Section and profession. 

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Diversity Scholarship Recipients

2020 – 2021
Christopher DelGiorno
Joshuah Turner
2019 – 2020
David White
Neil Riley
2018 – 2020
Debra Berg
2015 – 2017
Malaka Watson
Frank Windham, Jr
2014 – 2017
Kristine Kassekert
Linda Santiago
2013 – 2015
Samuel Mark Borowski
2012 – 2014
Rhina Cardenal
C.S. Maravilla
2010 – 2012
Keith M. McCook
Robert T. Wu
2009 – 2011
Angela M. Hinton
2008 – 2010
Felicia Collins Ocumarez
Elizabeth M. Grant

Marilyn Neforas Scholarship Recipients for Young Lawyer Women in Public Contract Law

Seannalyn Brandmeier
Amy Fuentes
2019 – 2020
Seannalyn Brandmeir
Jessalyn Lord
Sonia Tabriz