December 21, 2017

Regulatory Coordinating Committee

Section Commenting Process

The Regulatory Coordinating Committee (RCC) is a working committee of the Section monitors regulatory developments affecting federal procurement, principally in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) system distributes regulatory items to Standing Committees in the Section, and coordinates preparation of the Section's comments on proposed regulatory changes. This mission is accomplished through the following activities:

  1. Review the Federal Register on a daily basis and identify the regulatory developments that relate to federal acquisition and procurement;

  2. Distribute the relevant regulatory developments to substantive committee(s) within the Section for review and determination of whether the Section should submit comments on the development;

  3. Determine, in coordination with the Section Chair, whether any special coordination or approval is needed for anticipated comments;

  4. Coordinate with the substantive committee(s) regarding preparation of comments and establish deadlines for submission of draft comments to the RCC;

  5. Review and revise draft comments in coordination with the substantive committee(s) and Section Chair, as appropriate;

  6. Distribute final draft of comments to Section Officers and Council members for review and approval;

  7. Coordinate necessary revisions, if any, to final draft comments in coordination with the substantive committee(s) and Section Chair, as appropriate;

  8. Submit final comments to appropriate government agency;

  9. Distribute copies of final comments to Section Officers, Council Members, substantive committee(s), Section Director, and Electronic Access Committee (for posting on homepage);

  10. Maintain file of all correspondence for each regulatory development distributed to substantive committee(s);

  11. Update and maintain the quarterly Summary of Federal Register Procurement Actions, which lists all relevant regulatory developments identified in the Federal Register for the proceeding quarter and

  12. Prepare Quarterly Report to Section of Public Contract Law, including Summary of Federal Register Procurement Actions, Summary of Comments Submitted, and Comment Letters/Proposed and Interim Rules.