Latest Issue: Summer 2018

One Is the Loneliest Number: A Case for Changing Suspension & Debarment Regulations to Better Address Potential Exclusion of Individuals by Kara Sacilotto | Fly America Act Controversy: An Analysis of GSA Contracts Involving Foreign Carriers & Important Considerations by David Kelly | Developing an Organizational Conflicts of Interest Framework: The U.S. System as a Starting Point by Michael D. Pangia | To Deal or Not to Deal: Can Circular A-76 Be Made Great Again? by Connor G. Luff | The Alien Tort Statute: A Way to Find Jurisdiction over Today's Pirates, U.S. Government Contractors by Abigail Yull | Is Derivative Sovereign Immunity Jurisdictional? An Analysis & Resolution of the Circuit Split by Victoria Eatherton

Summer 2018 (vol 47, no 4)

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Spring 2018

Law as a Tool to Build Cross-Border Markets: The Experience of the Court of Justice of the EU in Opening Up Government Contracts by Christopher Vajda | Information Asymmetry in Private Prison Management: Monitoring and Oversight as the Basis for Private Prison Legitimacy by Marcos Gonzalez | The World Trade Organization’s Missed Opportunity: How the Agreement on Government Procurement Can Be Transformed from a Vehicle of Trade to One of Human Rights by Nicole Giles | Using Energy Savings Performance Contracts to Improve Utility Security and Resilience at Department of Defense Installations That Experience Frequent Utility Disruptions by Taylor Haga | Ensuring No Safe Haven for Government Contractors Committing Human Rights Violations Overseas by Sophia Herbst | Striving for Consistency: Implied False Certification Theory After Escobar by Christina Parel

Spring 2018 (Vol 47, No 3)

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