Latest Issue: Summer 2020

The Unpredictable and Often Misunderstood Christian Doctrine of Government Contracts: Proposed Approaches for Removing Harmful Uncertainty by Michael D Pangia | Empowering the End-User as Procurement Agent Through E-Commerce: Eliminating, Rather than Managing, the Agency Problem by Abraham Latimer Young | A Common Taxonomy for Carbon: How States and Cities Use Public Procurement to Combat Climate Change by Lauren Olmsted | Russian Interference in U.S. Elections: How to Protect Critical Election Infrastructure from Foreign Participation by Jedidiah Blake II | Preventing Civilian Casualties: Accountability and Oversight for Drone Contractors by Sarah Kerrigan | Defense Wins Championships, but also Costs Taxpayers Billions: How Additions to the Nunn-McCurdy Act Can Transform It from a Mere Reporting Requirement to an Effective Cost Control Mechanism by W. Benjamin Phillips, III | European-Style Green Public Procurement in the American Context: What It Could Look Like by Romeo N. Niyongere

Summer 2020 (Vol 49, No 4)

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