Latest Issue: Fall 2019

The Rise and Fall of Equitable Offset by Michael Brustein, Bonnie Graham, Emily Fridman & Megan Trachman | Reinforcing the Rule of Two: The VA’s Improper Use of Cascading Evaluations by Erica L. Bakies | Grasping Gainsharing: A Business Approach to American Health Care by Nicolette Cregan | Innovation in Government Contracting: Increasing Government Reliance on Other Transaction Agreements Mandates a Clear Path for Dispute Resolution by Victoria Dalcourt Angle | Holding the Best Olympics Ever: The Need for a Permanent and Independent Human Rights Committee to Oversee Olympic Procurements by Annie Willett | Ensuring Choice in the Veterans Community Care Program: Reforming Scheduling and Claims Processing Systems Under the Choice Act to Guarantee Veterans Timely Healthcare by Emily B. Jones | Bug the Bounty Hunter: Recommendations to Congress to Best Effectuate the Purpose of the SECURE Technology Act by Myles Ashong | The Case for FEMA Adopting a Localized Advance Contracting Strategy: Addressing Major Challenges and Issues That Hindered FEMA’s 2017 Hurricane Response and Recovery Efforts by Teshale C. Smith

Fall 2019 (Vol 49, No 1)

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