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Latest Issue: Winter 2020

The Compliance Mentorship Program: Improving Ethics & Compliance in Small Government Contractors by Jessica Tillipman & Vijaya Surampudi | Commentary and Proposed Unified Suspension and Debarment Rule for Procurement & Nonprocurement Activities by Robert F. Meunier & Trevor B. A. Nelson | Maintaining Profitability of Government Contracts in the Age of Increasing Tariffs by Jedediah R. Bodger | Grappling with Tax Exemptions Under Foreign Assistance Contracts, Grants, and Cooperative Agreements by Andrew Victor & Samuel Jack | The Kaspersky, ZTE, and Huawei Sagas: Why the United States Is in Desperate Need of a Standardized Method for Banning Foreign Federal Contractors by Grace Sullivan | Contracting in the Era of Mandatory Immigration Detention by Amanda DeLaPerriere | Seeing Through the Haze: Navigating Veteran Employment Rights in Government Contracting, Medical Marijuana, and the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 by Anastasia Hautanen | Resolving the Confusion: Granting the Government Unfettered Discretion to Dismiss Qui Tam Actions by David O’Neill

Winter 2020 (Vol 49, No 2)

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