Latest Issue: Spring 2019

In Memoriam: “Professor” Gilbert Jerome Ginsburg by Daniel Abrahams | Conflicting Bid Protest Decisions: The Split Between the Court of Federal Claims and the Government Accountability Office on Late Emailed Proposals by Sarah Carroll | “Other Transactions” Are Government Contracts, and Why It Matters by Nathaniel E. Castellano | Jurisdiction over Federal Procurement Disputes: The Puzzle of Other Transaction Agreements by Nikole R. Snyder | Retroactive Cost Disallowances Revisited: Did the Federal Circuit Commit Error by Failing to Recognize Relevant Supreme Court Precedent When It Decided Rumsfeld v. UTC? by James J. Gallagher | When Artificial Intelligence Met Public Procurement: Improving the World Bank’s Suspension and Debarment System with Machine Learning by Kunmi Ageh | Responsible Responsibility: A Renewed Case for Considering a Prospective Contractor’s Compliance with Labor and Employment Law Prior to Contract Award by Christopher Roe Hebdon | Commercial E-Commerce Portals: The E-Marketplace Model Trumps the Others by Victor V. Pham | Shepherd Away from Arbitration: Rethinking the Randolph-Sheppard Act’s Arbitration Scheme for Randolph-Sheppard Bid Protests by Stephanie Villalta

Spring 2019 (Vol 48, No 3)

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Fall 2018

Comments on the Fortieth Anniversary of the Contract Disputes Act by Jeri Kaylene Somers | The Direction of Board Practice as the CDA Hits Middle Age: An Upbeat View by J. Reid Prouty | The Glenn Defense Marine Asia Problem: The Role of Ethics in Procurement Reform by Jesse Greene | Midlife Crisis: An Assessment of New and Proposed Changes to the Government Accountability Office Bid Protest Function by Daniel H. Ramish | Recipe for Success: Why USDA’s Increased Participation in the HUBZone Program Is a Win for People Living in Poverty by Caitlin M. McHale | The Amazon-ization of Federal Procurement: Using the Uniform Commercial Code to Moderate an Inevitable Innovation by Lauren Olmsted | Medicare Part D: Buying Prescription Drugs Wholesale but Paying Retail by Meghan McConnell | Bring Out the Bearcat! Reprioritizing the Transfer of DoD Property Under the 1033 Program by Emma O’Rourke-Friel | Suspension and Proposed Debarment in Federal Government Contracting: A Call for Pre-Exclusion Notice and Opportunity to Respond by Jessica A. Berrada |Give Contractors the Hatch, Not the Axe: Extending Political Activity Speech Rights to Personal Service Contractors Under the Hatch Act by Alexandra Schwartzman | Moot Court Briefs: Drone Cruise Enterprise, Inc. v. Secretary of the Air Force — Brief for the Appellant by Cory Chipman & Daniel H. Ramish | Drone Cruise Enterprise, Inc. v. United States Air Force — Brief for the Appellee by Bryan Medema & Rachel Van Maasdam

Fall 2018 (vol 48, no 1)

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Summer 2018

One Is the Loneliest Number: A Case for Changing Suspension and Debarment Regulations to Better Address Potential Exclusion of Individuals by Kara M. Sacilotto | The Fly America Act Controversy: An Analysis of GSA Contracts Involving Foreign Carriers and Important Considerations by David Kelly | Developing an Organizational Conflicts of Interest Framework: The U.S. System as a Starting Point by Michael D. Pangia | To Deal or Not to Deal: Can Circular A-76 Be Made Great Again?Connor G. Luff The Alien Tort Statute: A Way to Find Jurisdiction over Today’s Pirates, U.S. Government Contractors by Abigail Yull | Is Derivative Sovereign Immunity Jurisdictional? An Analysis and Resolution of the Circuit Split by Victoria Eatherton

Summer 2018 (vol 47, no 4)

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