Latest Issue: Summer 2019

Using Form Construction Subcontracts on State & Local Public Projects by Aaron Silberman | Committee News by Herman D. Levy

Summer 2019 (Vol 54, No3)

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Winter 2019

Assessing the Timeliness Requirements to Protest an Agency’s Corrective Action by Amy Conant Hoang & Erica L. Bakies | What New Veteran-Owned Small Businesses Need to Know About the Rules by David S. Black, Mitchell A. Bashur & Amy L. Fuentes | Palantir USG, Inc. v. United States Adds Teeth to Government Preference for Buying Commercial by Johana (Jody) Reed | A Response to Melissa Copeland’s Call to Action: Addressing Organizational Conflicts of Interest in an Update to the MPC by Christopher R. Yukins | Committee News by Herman D. Levy

Winter 2019 (vol 54, no 2)

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Fall 2018

Other Transaction Agreements: An Analysis of the Oracle Decision and Its Potential Impact on the Use of OTAs by Annejanette Heckman Pickens and Daniel J. Alvarado | Avoiding Premature Affiliation Under the SBA’s Present Effect Rule by Francis G. Massaro | Municipal Cooperative Purchasing Arrangements in Home Rule States: The Maine Example by Patricia J. Thompson

Fall 2018 (vol 54, no 1)

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