February 27, 2020 Procurement Lawyer

News from the Chair

by Linda Maramba

Linda Maramba is Division Counsel, Cyber and Intelligence Mission Solutions, at Northrop Grumman Corporation and chair of the ABA Section of Public Contract Law.

It is the year 2020, the launch of a new decade that has been dubbed “The New Roaring Twenties.” As Section Chair, I’m not thinking about flapper dresses, silent movies, and Model T’s. Instead, I’m thinking, “It’s the New Roaring Twenties! Will our Section of Public Contract Law roar?” And I have two observations to share here.

First, as I noted in my first Chair’s column, our Section’s composition of top legal professionals from government, law firms, industry, the judiciary, and academia is a significant strength that is unmatched by other professional legal associations focused on public procurement law. For many years, our Section activities have been enriched by the diverse perspectives shared by our members who view important issues from different vantage points. Now the inclusion of diverse viewpoints is deeply rooted in our Section’s culture. The Section and Committee leadership strive to ensure that our activities focus on professional development and the betterment of public procurement — the thoughtful preparation and delivery of programs and comment letters, to name a few — are informed by and ultimately reflect the diversity of thought within our Section. And the Section’s focus on diversity extends beyond professional experience to also include geographic and demographic diversity, which further broadens and strengthens our Section.

Second, at the beginning of this ABA year, the Section created a new officer position dedicated to membership, and we are focused on delivering value to our members now and for many years ahead. The Section’s first Membership Officer, Amy Conant Hoang, comes to this position after having held a number of important leadership roles within the Section. She has experienced firsthand what our members value most about the Section, and she is committed to ensuring members receive value for their Section membership. The Section also is focused on smart growth — increasing membership and membership engagement — by which the Section can continue at the forefront of public procurement law developments.

So, as we move further into this new decade, will our Section of Public Contract Law roar? My answer is an emphatic “Yes!” With our strong membership and dedicated focus on smart growth, our Section is empowered to be a leader in public procurement law now and well into the future. Thank you for contributing your expertise to this roar.