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Court Findings Open the Floodgates to Claims against Project Sureties

The United States District Court for the District of Columbia’s recent opinion in United States ex rel. Scollick v. Narula addresses the sufficiency of a plaintiff’s claims and explores the potential for surety liability in a litigation involving alleged False Claims Act (FCA) violations.1 The case originates from a matter brought by plaintiff-relator Andrew Scollick (Plaintiff) against 18 defendants, including construction companies and their principals, sureties, and other individuals, for alleged violations of the FCA in connection with a scheme to obtain certain set-aside government contracts through fraudulent means.2

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News from the Chair

For my last column, I’ve decided to follow Jack Torrence’s advice from The Shining (played by Jack Nicholson): “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” My previous columns have been about serious topics (politics and the Section, time management, and membership). This one’s going to be about serious fun. Think of this as the summer Hollywood blockbuster of Chair’s columns—perhaps not worthy of a “Pachter” (the Section equivalent of an Oscar), but a fun diversion.

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