February 05, 2021 Public Contract Law

PCL Member Spotlight

Joshuah R. Turner

Joshuah R. Turner

Joshuah R. Turner

Associate | Miller & Chevalier | Washington, DC

Member since March 2020
Practicing public contract law since 2015
PCL Scholarship Recipient

Q: Briefly describe your practice in public contracting.

A:  I am a Government Contracts Associate in Miller & Chevalier's Litigation Department with a practice focused on all aspects of government contracts-related compliance and litigation.
Prior to joining the firm, I was an attorney-advisor with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) where I advised DOE throughout the procurement lifecycle to include defending protests before the Government Accountability Office (GAO).
Prior to my time at DOE, I served as an attorney-advisor with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), where I also advised DLA throughout the procurement lifecycle and defended protests before the GAO.

Q: Why did you become a public contract lawyer/ professional?

A: As a servicemember and civilian, I appreciate being part of a greater mission. The companies we represent are ultimately providing supplies and services to the Federal Government in support of extremely important undertakings, often having a direct impact on the warfighter. Many of my family members were also servicemembers, ultimately devoting their careers to different stages of the procurement lifecycle. Therefore, public contract law was inevitably the perfect fit.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a member of the Public Contract Law (PCL) Section?

A: I enjoy the countless opportunities to learn from and work with skilled practitioners in the Public Contract Law Section. I cannot overstate how important these professional relationships have been, especially at the start of my career. As a Section member, I am fully immersed in the practice with public speaking opportunities; access to thought leaders' perspectives on emerging public contract law issues; and opportunities to contribute to the Section's written work product. Further, being a Section member provides a larger platform to encourage diverse attorneys and law students to join the government contracts bar, thereby building upon the Section’s diversity initiatives.

Q: What is the greatest benefit of your membership in the PCL Section?

A: The network of skilled practitioners is the greatest benefit to my membership in the PCL Section.

Q: Please share a good/ favorite memory of Section participation, or how you look forward to participating in the future.

A:  I am currently working on a team charged with updating the Section's Guide to Fixed-Price Supply Subcontract Terms and Conditions. While it is great to combine our individual public contract law knowledge to generate a cohesive and resourceful document for subcontractors; it has also been great to get to know and work with other practitioners and law students in the government contract practice space. So far, this is my favorite memory of Section participation.

Q:  What do you do outside of work and ABA activities?

A: Outside of work and ABA activities, I am a fitness enthusiast, and an avid reader.

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