May 14, 2021 Public Contract Law

PCL Member Spotlight

Agu Onuma

Agu Onuma

Agu Onuma

Microsoft Corporation

Member since 2014
Practicing public contract law since 2015
Diversity Committee, Co-Chai

Q: Briefly describe your practice in public contracting.

A:  I am a Corporate Counsel at Microsoft supporting the federal business group with government contracts related transactions, sales and services. I primarily focus on negotiating complex information technology agreements with the U.S. Federal Government, advising clients on cloud technology, data protection, privacy, security and other related matters. Prior to Microsoft, I was an Assistant Counsel at the Office of General Counsel for the U.S. Navy.

Q: Why did you become a public contract lawyer/ professional?

A:  I fell into the public contracts law practice because I was interested in relocating to Washington D.C. after graduating law school. I learned that the federal government was the biggest employer in Washington D.C., coupled with its expansive budget in procuring goods and services. So, it was logical to seek a career in this space since it would yield more job opportunities and allow me to blend my interest in technology and law.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a member of the Public Contract Law (PCL) Section?

A:  I like meeting new people and interacting with the members. I am currently serving as a Co-Chair of the Diversity Committee. It has been an honor in raising awareness on the importance of being an inclusive section and promoting diversity in our programming and services. 

Q: What is the greatest benefit of your membership in the PCL Section?

A:  I have received a lot of benefits but I will say, I have benefited from working with other section members, I have benefited from attending the programs and I have benefited by having a seat at the table and making my voice heard on how the Section can better serve its members.

Q: Please share a good/ favorite memory of Section participation, or how you look forward to participating in the future.

A:  One of my favorite memories is participating in the 21 day racial challenge last summer. As a person of color, it made me feel welcome that members of the Section were having substantive and important conversations about what was happening in the world.

Q:  What do you do outside of work and ABA activities?

A:  Well, before the pandemic, I will say, I enjoy being active in the gym, raising my plants, traveling the world, attending music concerts and just being part of the Washington D.C social community!

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