May 13, 2021 Public Contract Law

PCL Member Spotlight

Parker Lewton

Parker Lewton

Parker Lewton

Smith, Currie & Hancock LLP | Atlanta, GA

Member since 2017
Practicing public contract law since 2017
PCL Executive Mentee

Q: Briefly describe your practice in public contracting.

A:  My public contracting practice focuses primarily on litigation before the Boards of Contract Appeals and the Court of Federal Claims. I also counsel clients on bid protests at the state and local levels and represent federal contractors in tangential matters before the federal District Courts.

Prior to joining Smith Currie, I gained experience in public contracting at a global partnership based in Washington, D.C., drafted decisions at the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals, assisted on an array of public contracting matters for various federal agencies, and served as Senior Articles Editor of the Public Contract Law Journal.

Q: Why did you become a public contract lawyer/ professional?

A:  Not surprisingly, I fell into public contracts while at GW Law and never looked back. The practice provides a platform for important, meaningful work that challenges me as a lawyer and has a direct impact on all of us.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a member of the Public Contract Law (PCL) Section?

A:  Membership in the Section is enjoyable for two main reasons. First, it provides a tight-knit community where all members – whether in DC or not – can participate, be heard, and make genuine friends. And second, the Section is constantly offering opportunities to speak, write, and grow as a result.

Q: What is the greatest benefit of your membership in the PCL Section?

A:  Easily the greatest benefit is that members of all ranks, levels of experience, and perspectives are able to gather and learn from each other. The educational yet largely relaxed atmosphere of the Section's events is particularly beneficial to new or junior members.

Q: Please share a good/ favorite memory of Section participation, or how you look forward to participating in the future.

A:  My favorite memories of Section participation all come from FPI and the Annual Meetings. These events are always thoughtfully planned, well-attended, and a lot of fun. They provide excellent opportunities for developing existing relationships and making new ones. I'm looking forward to a post-COVID world where we can put our webcams away and come together again in Annapolis or Chicago.

Q:  What do you do outside of work and ABA activities?

A:  My fiancée and I have been filling our free time with wedding planning and day trips to the Blue Ridge Mountains, where we enjoy hiking and photography.

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