May 13, 2021 Public Contract Law

PCL Member Spotlight

Seannalyn Brandmeir

Seannalyn Brandmeir

Seannalyn Brandmeir

Director - Division of Benefits Administration | Department of Finance & Administration, State of Tennessee

Member since January 2016
Practicing public contract law since 2015
PCL Scholarship Recipient

Q: Briefly describe your practice in public contracting.

A:  As the director for procurement and contracts for Benefits Administration (BA), I am charged with the procurement of our 25 contacts and subsequent maintenance of those contracts which are valued at more than $900 million annually. All procurements, both competitive and non-competitive, as well as contract compliance are handled by my team which also includes my assistant director for contracts and our contract compliance specialist. One of the most important aspects of my work is the collaboration with key state stakeholders including working with the Central Procurement Office, legislative entities, and BA program directors and senior leadership.

Q: Why did you become a public contract lawyer/ professional?

A:  My professional career has always been centered in public service which I wanted to continue after earning my law license. During law school I thought I would enjoy practicing with a focus on contracts and business law. My current position became available weeks after I passed the bar, so it was a natural fit!

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a member of the Public Contract Law (PCL) Section?

A:  I enjoy having the opportunity to meet fellow public contract law professionals. I do miss the in-person conferences which ceased when the pandemic began because it provided the opportunity to meet so many people throughout the United States, to make those professional connections and to build a network of individuals who are in similar positions.

Q: What is the greatest benefit of your membership in the PCL Section?

A: I have found that the Public Contract Law Section is the most comprehensive and substantive group focusing on this area of the law. The greatest benefit for me is twofold – both the CLE opportunities and networking with other professionals in my field. While I am focused on state procurement law and regulations, gaining knowledge regarding federal regulations and emerging topics provides a good background when similar topics and issue arise on a state level.

Q: Please share a good/ favorite memory of Section participation, or how you look forward to participating in the future.

A: My first conference was Portland, Maine. In addition to being a place I had not visited before it also offered me the opportunity to meet so many people with similar careers. I came back from that conference with great information, educational materials and the knowledge that I had begun to create a new network of professionals whose work is similar to mine. It was a good feeling to meet so many people who are focused on public contract law and procurements. It was also a conference that focused on state procurement which was a great benefit to me as a new procurement director.

Q:  What do you do outside of work and ABA activities?

A: My favorite hobby is photography. I am a self-described foodie – I love going to new restaurants and I am ready to do that again when the pandemic allows Nashville to more fully reopen. I also enjoy cooking and baking, so I have been doing a lot of that lately. Traveling is always a must (which includes taking my camera and accessories) and my bucket list keeps growing!

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